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About RESTEDLeaders

RESTEDLeaders resources and empowers successful leaders who are highly sensitive people, especially those with sports or the performing arts in their background.

Sandy and Brita Colero are a proven husband and wife duo with over 17 years of professional experience in relational leadership.  They live with their three daughters near Kelowna, BC, Canada where they are developing a new normal since Brita became paraplegic from a ski accident in January 2021.

RESTEDLeaders will show you how to advance your success in your work while maintaining healthy connection with your family and friends. You can have both, but very few know how.  

Get the support and strategies you need to take responsibility for yourself and your life.  Live your best life at work and home before it's too late.

Some Love From Our Members
Ashley Gowanlock
The Rested Leaders Community has given me a place to feel safe to say that I don't have it all together as a leader. It has been a place of refreshing and encouragement where I have felt valued and heard at every turn and therefore have been able to be a better leader for everyone I come in contact with. When you truly feel like there is a place where people have your back it makes you more comfortable in your own skin when leading others.

You should give the RLC a go if you are feeling like everything is on your shoulders and you are running out of ideas and energy to keep everything going on your own. Sometimes we don't realize how helpful it can be to have someone else be a sounding board and help us rearrange the things we are carrying.

Justin Lenny
I came into this community in the midst of covid restrictions, struggling with work and family life getting suddenly smashed together as I worked from home.

Sandy has repeatedly offered sage wisdom through his teaching and coaching in a way that has helped me navigate external changes and internal angst.

Participation in this community, and especially time with Sandy, accomplishes what this program is all about: elevating rest.

Sandy is genuinely a rested leader who elevates those around him by embodying all he teaches.
Jennifer Attayoub
When I first joined the Rested Leaders Community, I wasn't too sure what to expect. After joining, I completed the personal audit that included a personal coaching call. This helped me orientate myself as to where I was currently and what I needed to change moving forward in order to thrive.

Through our monthly group coaching calls and group trainings, I have been resourced, inspired and motivated to continue to grow in the way that I lead. The online forum has provided for me food for thought and topics to dialogue on.

In the various facets of this community, I have seen, time and again, how I can "elevate the rest" and empower my team when I live as a rested leader.
 Take care of yourself differently before it's too late.
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